“The Quantum Dance”

& the Invocation Idioms

Perceptions & apprehension of different layers of reality are a common intertwining & interweaving thread of entangled relatedness, a connectedness between things and the nature of things. It is the storyline of man as an observer, a perceiver & also non-observer within the event timeline of a complex universe of certainties & uncertainties, of things & non-things.
In all of these, is an observer an actual reality or are things simply in a quantum state of resonance, connected & related in ways unfathomable to a societal created observer?

If that observer ceases or were not to be, according to subjective & different knowledge systems, then things may become suddenly different, the very nature of things take on an orderly, cosmic & aesthetic thread of an efficacious relatedness of context, beauty, infinite harmonic orders at all levels of an entwined enfolding & unfolding reality within & without mind, mind being that confluence intersection of experiencing, or non-experiencing, an interface of either localised or universal awareness, a junction point where the unfathomable, the known, the myths, the mythologies, dreams, the obvious & conscious, the subconscious are in an eternal state of flux & a quantum dance.

“Quantum Dance I”

“Mythological Journey & the Invocations”

Each symbol is considered & treated as a complete quantum quantity with it’s own biographical identity


Projects & Exhibitions

Brief Synopsis on Exhibitions & Projects

African Market I

The marketplace as a confluence point, as a converging pivot around which some elements & essences of a society come together in a concordant and harmonic flux of

“Quantum Resonance I”

The Dawn of Consciousness I

Each symbol is also treated as a holographic idiom within the non-dimensional world of the timeless, each symbolic entity having an embedded meaning & context,connecting it’s historicity & biography with the universal in a bipolar resonance, sometimes in complete synchronicity or in total dissonance.

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