Floating Stanzas

Life can often be strange sometimes. It’s mysterious depth are always unfolding and touching upon everything in unfathomable ways, invigorating the mind and movement of things in mysterious ways.
Within this nebulous quietness of the day that had enveloped the tiny enclosure of the garden and the simplistic stanzas of the hills lying across the horizons, she had come once more with a flutter of wings and feathers, adding a measure of brightness to the solitary spots of shadows on the grasses and foliage. Her poignant presence was igniting the somber tone of the moment and spreading an efficacious benediction for the day.

She would always take her spontaneous water bath with great vigor and abandonment, like a heavenly symphony showering poetic sheets of cascading sounds on the things and people of the world

With an occasional glance towards the room and perhaps the strange contraptions which were reflecting the light from the sun on the water, she filled the day with a deep and penetrating mystery.

Where had she come from ? and what was prompting her to come on such a regular basis for a water bath ?. You see, she had no schedules nor a precisely regular pattern, except that when the sun had journeyed mid way across the heavens, she would appear spontaneously and mysteriously out of the nothingness of the day. Today another one too, had introduced her own presence with a tender certainty. Perhaps she was from a distant land, as these ones with yellow feathers that are intertwined with splashes of grey and white were not of this region. They journeyed across the great oceans, to sojourn here, their only language being that of the incessant need of life to find total fulfilment in the here and now.

Unfolding Visions

They come only in the spring time,

when the Earth is just beginning to growl and awaken from the long serenity of winter. Also when you notice the red and black little ladybirds on the brown Earth. She waited patiently for her turn and when all seemed okay, she splashed and rolled, and cried with delight.
They were sharing the bath and occasionally taking a quick peek at the new flowers and perhaps listening as well, to the sounds that were coming from across the doors. It was not too loud, but a soft cadence of floating stanzas of strings, meticulously arranged and flowing with great melodic intensity and rhythmic continuum. Since we could not tell our two visitors that the titles of the musical compositions, we let the music float gently within the closely knitted reality that was made up of flowers, birds, the sun and splashes of foliage and cypress tress. And the day journeyed further with its own glorious benediction.

And so it was, a day that was stringed on the beads of time, commencing with our bird visitors, a musical title, foliages, trees, sprouting buds, flowers and off course the sun and heavens.

Artist Statement 2014 © Tanka Fonta