Poignant Structures.

Tiny droplets, lingering on the leaves and foliage where the only indication that there had been a slight shower, but the Earth also smell strongly of the essence of everything, as happens when there is a shower.

Below the the roads crisscross was a beautiful and solitary foliage is the acme of blossoming, it’s poignant orange and yellow flower fluttered and glittered in the evening sunset.


Each single structure stood out majestically beneath of the backdrop of a the hazel blue heavens, so when you look upwards towards the skies, you had the impression of watching eternity unfold within the small enclosure of those flowers and buds.

Earth, the elements, winds, sun, moon, the heavenly stars, the blues clouds, the passing birds, and man, water,everything seemed to be present within its structure.


It would seemed that the plants had acted as a repository, collecting all the elements over the ages and the span of time, distilling it within the circumscription of its nature, and the resultant inner workings had been expressed outwardly in the form of beautiful symmetry and geometric stanzas.

Artist Statement 2014 © Tanka Fonta