Quantum Divination

The Quantum Dance

Visual Philosophy & The Mythological Journey

Man’s mythological journey as symbolised visual philosophy.
The thunderous splatter of white spray & cascading foams of a waterfall as it growls it‘s way down the precipice of ancient black & greyish basaltic rocks covered with mottled white & brownish moss, their sonorous & magnificent exuberant voices, interweaving a dazzling tapestry of suspended & angularly shifting motifs against the vast blue of the skies. Perhaps holding imprinted but symbolic historicity & ontologies of creation & etched metaphorical memories, hypnogogic imageries & stencilled idioms of epic cosmic & historical happenings, unbeknownst to an outside & localised observer or perhaps holding intimate meaning, an unbroken chain of perceptivity, unraveling quantum resonating points, evoking an awareness of continuity, connectedness within the universal ground of things.

Quantum Resonance I

“The Dawn of Consciousness I”

Media: Acrylic on Canvas | Dimension: 100cm x 150cm | Year: 2016

These works of art in two dimensional format, seeks to explore, decode, evaluate & express the mysteries, interrelated connectedness, context, formative associations, historicities & relational positions, embedded biographies & derivative meanings in time & non-time, behind the symbolic representations of the nature of things, being & mind from the point of view of a localised observer & a non localised observer.

Projects & Exhibitions

Brief Synopsis on Exhibitions & Projects

The Witness and the Metallic Ant

  In The Night It had been an unusual night, with its own peculiarly cheeky and persistent chilliness, emphasised and accentuated even more with strong and gusty winds. Billowing

African Market I

The marketplace as a confluence point, as a converging pivot around which some elements & essences of a society come together in a concordant and harmonic flux of

The Quantum Dance Project 2017 in the context of an Exhibition Space.

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The Audience in the context of appraiser & (no-)observer

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Impressions from the point of view of an appraiser

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On the Symbols.

Each symbol is considered as a complete quantum entity with it’s own biographical identity.

Each symbol is considered & treated as a complete quantum quantity with it’s own biographical identity within the three dimensional frame-work of time, space & distance, but also as a holographic idiom within the non-dimensional world of the timeless, each symbolic entity having an embedded meaning & context, connecting it’s historicity & biography with the universal in a bipolar resonance, sometimes in complete synchronicity or in total dissonance.

“Perceptions & apprehension of different layers of reality are a common intertwining & interweaving thread of entangled relatedness, a connectedness between things and the nature of things.”
The • Quantum Dance
“Decoding these symbols, may unravel & unlock their embedded meaning & impart derivative context, connecting them with personalised experiences to create or evoke holographic maps with variegated subjects & themes that may cover, philosophy, myths, religion, mythology, music, art, poetry, science & other every day life objects & subjects.”
The • Quantum Resonance
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