Quantum Divination

The Quantum Dance

Visual Philosophy & The Mythological Journey

Man’s mythological journey as symbolised visual philosophy.
The thunderous splatter of white spray & cascading foams of a waterfall as it growls it‘s way down the precipice of ancient black & greyish basaltic rocks covered with mottled white & brownish moss, their sonorous & magnificent exuberant voices, interweaving a dazzling tapestry of suspended & angularly shifting motifs against the vast blue of the skies. Perhaps holding imprinted but symbolic historicity & ontologies of creation & etched metaphorical memories, hypnogogic imageries & stencilled idioms of epic cosmic & historical happenings, unbeknownst to an outside & localised observer or perhaps holding intimate meaning, an unbroken chain of perceptivity, unraveling quantum resonating points, evoking an awareness of continuity, connectedness within the universal ground of things.

Quantum Resonance I

“The Dawn of Consciousness I”

Media: Acrylic on Canvas | Dimension: 100cm x 150cm | Year: 2016

These works of art in two dimensional format, seeks to explore, decode, evaluate & express the mysteries, interrelated connectedness, context, formative associations, historicities & relational positions, embedded biographies & derivative meanings in time & non-time, behind the symbolic representations of the nature of things, being & mind from the point of view of a localised observer & a non localised observer.

Projects & Exhibitions

Brief Synopsis on Exhibitions & Projects

African Market I

The marketplace as a confluence point, as a converging pivot around which some elements & essences of a society come together in a concordant and harmonic flux of

The Quantum Dance Project 2017 in the context of an Exhibition Space.

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The Audience in the context of appraiser & (no-)observer

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Impressions from the point of view of an appraiser

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On the Symbols.

Each symbol is considered as a complete quantum entity with it’s own biographical identity.

Each symbol is considered & treated as a complete quantum quantity with it’s own biographical identity within the three dimensional frame-work of time, space & distance, but also as a holographic idiom within the non-dimensional world of the timeless, each symbolic entity having an embedded meaning & context, connecting it’s historicity & biography with the universal in a bipolar resonance, sometimes in complete synchronicity or in total dissonance.

“Perceptions & apprehension of different layers of reality are a common intertwining & interweaving thread of entangled relatedness, a connectedness between things and the nature of things.”
The • Quantum Dance
“Decoding these symbols, may unravel & unlock their embedded meaning & impart derivative context, connecting them with personalised experiences to create or evoke holographic maps with variegated subjects & themes that may cover, philosophy, myths, religion, mythology, music, art, poetry, science & other every day life objects & subjects.”
The • Quantum Resonance
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