The Witness and the Metallic Ant


  In The Night It had been an unusual night, with its own peculiarly cheeky and persistent chilliness, emphasised and accentuated even more with strong and gusty winds. Billowing clouds hung lazily overheard, their overcast shadows

The Witness and the Metallic Ant2021-03-27T19:15:43+01:00

Unfolding Orders & Identities


What is the identity of a being/thing? An individual’s existence is the culmination of a painstaking, patient, diligent & vast aggregation of "continuous variegated processes", the garnering, convergence & distillation of innumerable experiences, both biological

Unfolding Orders & Identities2017-06-02T08:15:33+02:00

African Market I


The marketplace as a confluence point, as a converging pivot around which some elements & essences of a society come together in a concordant and harmonic flux of the exchange of things, is a reality

African Market I2017-06-02T08:15:34+02:00
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