What is consciousness? what is it’s nature and the form of its existence?, How can it be recognise? and who is the recogniser?
Is consciousness aware of itself?
What is its phenomenology? Is the understanding of consciousness relevant in the context of our immediate human experience?
That is, in the context of the multiple subject areas of humanity’s daily existence?
Is its occurrence bounded or unbounded by the coordinates of time, space and distance, is it localised only to the phenomena of biology alone or overlaps within and without of a biological container/vessel?
What are its contents?
In this series of visual works titled; ”The Matrix of Consciousness”, we explore the nature of consciousness we as know it, the occurrence and instances, memorisation and the reiterations of objects/subjects, ideas and thoughts, and their interrelatedness and connectedness within the movement of consciousness in time, space and distance, and it’s overlapping with the unconscious world, the unknown and how things are represented within its nature.
These themes are explored and represented visually as instances of visual symbols, alluding and representing the world of forms, shapes, objects, subjects as they reiterate themselves within the field and movement of consciousness.


For example, a house as a concrete material reality was in time, an instance of an idea within consciousness, further down the event timeline of history, it became a material reality involving other individuals in it’s realisation.

In other words, an individual sitting in that house, for example, becomes a participant in that original idea, which has become a reality now being experienced at the tactile and mental levels, it may involve the entire subject areas of our human life, as in an economic, social, political, religious or intellectual fields of action and thought.

Matrix of Consciousness III

A car, a political idea or an ideology, an economic institution,

the various contraptions and objects which are ubiquitous within humanity’s urban spaces, were at some point only idea instances within the mind/consciousness as a concept for something dreamt of or thought of or felt. These things have over a timeline, been precipitated and persisted, memorised/archived & reiterate themselves in consciousness over the event timeline of space, distance and physical as well as psychological time.

As ideas, these can be retraced and symbolised visually as fluctuating instances of things already in existence or soon to emerge, they overlap and intersect between the phenomenology of consciousness in time, space and distance with the interface of memory and thought.
Via visual representations, we demonstrate properties, qualities, entities, systems, levels, infinite orders and relationships with the use of pigments at the macro levels but in reality as new re/arrangements of light photons and pixels at the microlevel in recreating new orders of perception and understanding.

Artist Statement 2006 © Tanka Fonta