The flutter & exuberant dance of a butterfly within a silent space of an empty forest, as it alights on a sea of fallen orange leaves, it‘s colourful patterns
brushing & forming a mixture of amorphous idioms & interwoven patterned motifs with the irregular structures & shapes of the fallen leaves.
The quite murmur of a stream as it meanders slowly through the vast expanse of open green fields, it‘s lustrous & translucent texture, unfolding & sculpting brilliant hues & tones of bluish green mosaic patterns with the earthy brown & green of the open fields.
The thunderous splatter of white spray & cascading foams of a waterfall as it growls it‘s way down the precipice of ancient black & greyish basaltic rocks covered with mottled white & brownish moss, their sonorous & magnificent exuberant voices, interweaving a dazzling tapestry of suspended & angularly shifting motifs against the vast blue of the skies. Perhaps holding imprinted but symbolic historicity & ontologies of creation & etched metaphorical memories, hypnogogic imageries & stencilled idioms of epic cosmic & historical happenings, unbeknownst to an outside & localised observer or perhaps holding intimate meaning, an unbroken chain of perceptivity, unraveling quantum resonating points, evoking an awareness of continuity, connectedness within the universal
ground of things.
The tender & seemingly floating symmetrical lines of a mountainous formations, it‘s imposing presence, gently brushing subtle greyish & dark colour tones against the whitish & blue horizons, it‘s breathtaking & undulating stanzas punctuated & amputated with splashes of bright orange & golden hues from an early morning rising sun. Their presence, affirmative of those familiar or often times unfamiliar terrains that populate the dream worlds of the unconscious, a powerful unconscious that eternally seeks appropriate symbols & pictures to convey to mind what is not known or even familiar in the conscious world of things.
The swoosh & howl of the morning winds, twirling & knotting foggy stanzas across the Savannah landscapes as it ushers in the harmattan season. The serene & wizen face of an old man gazing with a firm quietude across the hills, contemplating the undulating contours & formative shapes of life & of the day, whilst whispering underneath his breath a silent prayer & benediction for a peaceful day.

Perceptions & apprehension of different layers of reality are a common intertwining & interweaving thread of entangled relatedness, a connectedness between things and the nature of things. It is the storyline of man as an observer, a perceiver & also non-observer within the event timeline of a complex universe of certainties & uncertainties, of things & non-things.
In all of these, is an observer an actual reality or are things simply in a quantum state of resonance, connected & related in ways unfathomable to a societal created observer?

If that observer ceases or were not to be, according to subjective & different knowledge systems, then things may become suddenly different, the very nature of things take on an orderly, cosmic & aesthetic thread of an efficacious relatedness of context, beauty, infinite harmonic orders at all levels of an entwined enfolding & unfolding reality within & without mind, mind being that confluence intersection of experiencing, or non-experiencing, an interface of either localised or universal awareness, a junction point where the unfathomable, the known, the myths, the mythologies, dreams, the obvious & conscious, the subconscious are in an eternal state of flux & a quantum dance.


These works of art in two dimensional format,

seeks to explore, decode, evaluate & express the mysteries, interrelated connectedness, context, formative associations, historicities & relational positions, embedded biographies & derivative meanings in time & non-time, behind the symbolic representations of the nature of things, being & mind from the point of view of a localised observer & a non localised observer.
On the symbols, each symbol is considered & treated as a complete quantum quantity with it’s own biographical identity within the three dimensional frame-work of time, space & distance, but also as a holographic idiom within the non-dimensional world of the timeless, each symbolic entity having an embedded meaning & context, connecting it’s historicity & biography with the universal in a bipolar resonance, sometimes in complete synchronicity or in total dissonance.

Decoding these symbols, may unravel & unlock their embedded meaning & impart derivative context, connecting them with personalised experiences to create or evoke holographic maps with variegated subjects & themes that may cover, philosophy, myths, religion, mythology, music, art, poetry, science & other every day life objects & subjects.

Artist Statement 2016 © Tanka Fonta