What is the identity of a being/thing?

An individual’s existence is the culmination of a painstaking, patient, diligent & vast aggregation of “continuous variegated processes”, the garnering, convergence & distillation of innumerable experiences, both biological & psychological, knowledge & information on the fields of life, of which the individual is result of that.
In other words the human individual is the result of a gigantic & mysterious past, stretching into the distant folds of the dawn of time, a movement towards “purposes & aims” perhaps unknown to consciousness, but which seems to be in a continual state of greater awareness as evident in the evolutionary mastery of the vast fields and layers of life.

Is man’s identity belonging to any specific geographic loci? we could reasonably say the answer is no.

So, let’s take a brief look at man’s biological constituents.
For example:
The building blocks of man’s life is commonly shared across all higher or lower levels of biological life, the same oxygen that animates & permeates his being is the same to be found everywhere in nature, the iron in his haemoglobin is akin to that in iron-oxide, the calcium in his bones is also same as the calcium in kaolin, the food that is his energy source is derive from the energy of the sun, the same source that animates all other things here on the planet, therefore we could say he is also connected to the sun, & even to the heavenly stars & much more, therefore why should society limit man’s identity to the specific and particular geographic places? when man is sharing innumerable components with almost everything in existence….???

Is the identity of an object, thing, et cetera defined only by it’s locality & some associated experiences et cetera? or by the totality of it’s constituent components?

That we do not know is an unfortunate thing principally connected to the kind of education society instills in the individual, therefore an individual has the task of painstaking work in unraveling the true nature & identity of being.

If we think of a continual flux of processes, that is the summation of biological & psychological activities, et cetera on a physical & temporal timeline frame, in tandem with a timeless eternal component, perhaps we may be getting closer to an approximate picture & identity of man, but if we are to limit our observation only to convenient societal constructs that are mostly based on inaccurate observation then we are looking really only at a fixation of a non-living reality which possibly may have nothing really to do with the actual being we are observing.

Unfolding Orders

The human individual is the complete & sum total of life as expressed & focused within humanity.

In this series of visual works titled; “Unfolding Orders & Identities”, we seek to develop a thematic exposition via symbolic visual representation with symbols, objects, forms & shapes, and tracing and establishing relationships between objects, symmetric and harmonic orders, the complex myriad of different orders & systems that constitute being & therefore human societies.

Artist Statement 2013 © Tanka Fonta